Who are we ?


Mortgage Loan

With us, everyone benefits from the best terms. Test-Achats members enjoy an additional exclusive benefit by way of a payment of 0.45% of the borrowed amount, with a minimum of €100. VDV Conseil will pay the sum of money into your bank account AFTER the notarial deed is signed.

With regard to the interest rate schedule, some of these rates are negotiable according to the creditworthiness of borrowers and related products (insurances, domiciliation of income etc.).


Credit-Life Insurance in the Event of Death

VDV Conseil informs you and seeks the best market conditions. Test-Achats members benefit from an additional reduction of 5%, valid for the entire duration of contracts.


Fire Insurance and Special Risks

VDV Conseil informs you and seeks the best market solutions. It is also our role to be at your service in the event of an accident. Our clients enjoy a minimum reduction of 15% compared to official company rates.


Savings & Investments

VDV Conseil informs you and seeks Branch 21, Branch 23 and investments funds, Branch 26 that are the most suited to your profile. Entry charges are always reduced (from 0.5% to 1%, according to company, product and amount of the investment).


We are available for free consultation, with no obligation, tailored to suit your circumstances and sensitivity. The information found on this website must serve the purpose of preparing your application in an atmosphere of trust.