Legal notices

 General remarks regarding Procedure & Privacy



  • Submitting a loan application or taking out insurance obviously necessitates our sending your information to credit institutions, insurers and/or reinsurers. This information is subject to banking secrecy and medical confidentiality. Our office therefore refrains from giving out all or part of the information received to anyone, except to institutions registered as lenders or insurers.
  • When we give a client a simulated mortgage loan calculation or proposal, we show the rates’ date and validity period (many organizations change their rates weekly).
  • As far as the mortgage loan offer is concerned, the validity period (hence the rate) varies from one institution to another. For example, an offer of credit is valid for 2 months with ELANTIS and 3 months with AXA…. VDV CONSEIL undertakes to inform its clients of the possibility of reviewing rates (of course if they are on the decrease) while offers are still valid.
  • The information sent out also enables us to keep our clients informed about products and services suited to their needs. Should a client no longer want this service, they may cancel it by activating the link found in the e-mail received. The client has the right to consult their information and, in need, correct this information. They can also request, either by e-mail or letter, that the information in question be deleted. The information and interest rates found on the VDV CONSEIL website are only for people living in Belgium, and whose income is paid in Belgium or the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. Our website does not send out cookies to its visitors. However, it must be noted that for our visit statistics, we subscribe to Estat which uses cookies in the counting method. There are no administration fees for Hire Purchase (HP: financing) or Instalment Credit (personal loan) operations. A statutory provision prohibits administration fees. The responsible keeper of the file is Stéphane Blondeau, who may be contacted by e-mail at: or by any other means of communication.



  • Personal information given to us is used to draw up personalised offers and ensure that the request can be carried out. The information is never given out to third parties for commercial use. If the person is a Test-Achats member, the information will be sent out to the institution to be used for management purposes. The person may consult their information and in need, have it corrected by contacting: Test-Achats SC, Rue de Hollande 13 at 1060 Bruxelles.
  • Information for actual requests, either for a loan or insurance, will obviously necessitate our sending this to the company in question. This matter is subject to banking secrecy and medical confidentiality as far as outstanding balance insurances are concerned.
  • Marketing policy: as mentioned, the information gathered will never be given out to third parties for commercial use. We reserve the right to send our clients information regarding their application should this be helpful to them.
  • Right of access: the person concerned has a personal right of access to information and right of correction of this information. The person can also request, either by e-mail or letter, that the information in question be deleted. More detailed information may be obtained from the Commission for the Protection of Privacy, Rue Haute 139, 1000, Bruxelles, Tel.: +32(0)2/213.85.40. Our work is controlled by numerous laws, monitoring bureaux and FSMA legislations: the Banking, Finance and Insurance Commission the Ministry of Economic Affairs , mortgage loan business is regulated by the 04/08/1992 legislation, instalment credit is controlled by the consumer credit legislation and the insurance intermediation and distribution legislation ; the law on preventing the use of the financial system for money laundering purposes


  • The responsible keeper of the file is Stéphane Blondeau. If, in spite of all our efforts, it happens that one of our clients has a complaint about the processing of their request for an offer of credit, or about the conclusion of their offer of credit, they should not hesitate to inform us by mail addressed to: VDV Conseil, Rue François Vekemans 117 at B-1120, Bruxelles, Belgium. You will receive a reply within 5 working days.


Settling disputes

  • VDV CONSEIL undertakes to amicably resolve disputes which may arise between its client and the broker and/or financier.
  • Our role as a broker does not stop at the conclusion of the contract. Should a client encounter a problem or dispute with the lender during the contract period, they must not hesitate to contact VDV Conseil for information and assistance.