Fire Insurance

Fire Insurance


Here is a summary of the Comprehensive Home Insurance cover


Basic Cover Additional cover (automatically covered)
  • Fire
  • Explosion
  • Implosion
  • Smoke, soot
  • Lightning
  • Collision
  • Property degradation, vandalism and malicious intent
  • Effect of electricity
  • Flex plan: electrical and electronic appliances
  • Flex plan: temperature variation
  • Electrocution of pets
  • Water damage
  • Flex plan: damage caused by accidental pollution
  • Damage caused by mineral oil intended for heating in the building
  • Broken and cracked windows
  • Natural disasters
    • Our Natural Disaster cover
    • The Natural Disaster cover of the Rates Office
  • Storm, hail, weight of snow, ice
  • Attack and industrial dispute
  • Legal liability for the building

  • rescue
  • clearing up and demolition
  • safekeeping and storage
  • temporary accommodation
  • loss of use of property
  • incident to the water damage cover and cover for damages caused by mineral oil intended for heating in the building
  • incident to the effect of electricity cover
  • incident to the broken and cracked windows cover
  • cleaning up the garden
  • assessment
  • advance (funds)
Optional Cover
  • Theft and vandalism
  • Indirect losses (10% increase in the indemnity due in terms of the contract)
  • Vehicle at rest
  • Home legal protection
  • Private life third party liability insurance + Private life legal protection

With the help of a correctly filled in assessment grid, you benefit from:

  • Unlimited cover for the replacement cost of the building.
  • Unlimited cover for the contents with a limit per object that you have designated yourself.
  • Within the context of the application of the per-object limit, each element that forms part of a set is considered as a single object, for example: home cinema systems, sound systems, PCs, laptops, LCD- or plasma-screen TVs.
  • FLEX plan (AXA insurances) : If it happens that the maximum amount selected is exceeded for a few objects, you will benefit from 2 “Joker objects” — the maximum is doubled for 2 objects that you have designated post-accident.


The proportional rule is not applied.

The number of objects is of no importance — this system avoids a tedious assessment.
Added to this is the role of VDV Conseil in the event of an accident and the major reductions in premiums that we will grant our clients compared to the basic rates offered by insurers. You will obtain the best that the insurance market offers by way of cover and service.
Insurance is never a simple and limited basic product that sells because its premium is the least expensive!

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Placement ou Replacement en branche 21 et/ou en branche 23
DU 06/03/2023 au 26/05/2023 (clôture anticipée possible)
Suppression de tous les frais d’entrée
Prise en charge de la taxe de 2% sur la partie de replacement en branche 23
Montant minimum : 6.200 €
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