All-purpose instalment loan
Property loan
Car financing
Bridging loan

VDV Conseil offers you different types of instalment loans.
The interest rates applied (Effective Annual Rate – APR) depend on the type of loan requested.

General rules for acceptance of an instalment credit

You must be at least 21 years old. If not Belgian, you must have been living in Belgium for at least 2 years and be the holder of an ID card with a minimum validity of 5 years.
Minimum loan amount €1,500.
After the payment of various loan and rent expenses (mortgage, car financing, various credit, credit cards etc.), income must be sufficient to pay off the new loan.
No record or mention in the National Bank’s negative file.

Your request will be accepted under the following indispensable conditions:

No omissions or false information concerning financial commitments, credit applications and outstanding credit; since 01/06/2003 all personal credits (including cards) are recorded in the National Bank’s positive credit database — not giving information on outstanding liabilities can therefore only do you a disservice!

Making your request

You make your request online through the secure form found on the website; your file will be given to the organization offering the conditions stated in the rates table; apart from lending institutions or reinsurers, we never give out your information to third parties.

Replying to your request

Provided the information received is complete and that computer communications are working, you will receive a reply within 8 working hours.

Contract and conditions

An instalment loan comes into effect when the contract is signed. You will receive a copy of the contract together with an amortisation schedule.
Payment will be made to your bank account.
For car financing, the payment is made to the seller.

The interest rate

The repayment of an instalment loan is subject to an overall annual effective rate (APR). The interest rate is fixed for the entire life of the loan.

7-Day consideration period

The law permits you to turn down your credit up to 7 days after signing the contract. If the loan has already been paid, consumers who make use of the right of termination are asked to pay back all amounts received, and pay the interest due for the loan’s capital repayment holiday period, calculated according to the agreed interest rate (APR).


Apart from the limits stated depending on the organizations, here are the maximum periods that have been legally determined for instalment loans intended for private use.

Amounts in Euros Maximum periods
1250 – 2500 24 months
2501 – 3700 30 months
3701 – 5600 36 months
5600 – 7500 42 months
7501 – 10000 48 months
10001 – 15000 60 months
15001 – 20000 84 months
20001 – 50000 120 months


Apart from the APR, the law prohibits all charges on the loan.

At V.D.V. Conseil, you are under no obligation to take out insurances.

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